coming soon to downtown grand rapids, mn

coming soon to downtown grand rapids, mn
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A better way to work

We're a community of creatives and doers, and we want you here.

CoHaus is a collective workspace where you can work independently alongside other creatives and professionals. It’s where work meets play. You focus on growing your business, we’ll handle the rest. Get furnished, move-in ready workspaces with the infrastructure you need and premier amenities. Be a part of an inspirational community and network with other members.



Kickstarter is Live!

Our Kickstarter campaign is live and if you believe in what CoHaus can do for our community we need your support. We’ve been generously awarded a grant from the Blandin Foundation and they are matching any funds we raise up to $50,000. We have work to do!

coHaus coworking space
coHaus coworking space
next steps

Opening Fall 2020

We are so excited to gather creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners under one roof. We have started successful coworking spaces in the past and seen the positive impacts first hand. We’ve worked at coworking spaces across the nation. We’re ready to launch here in Grand Rapids.


We’ve completed our concept development, business plan, and we’ve  secured a space. Our goal is to open our doors in the fall of 2020, but we need your input and your support. This project is all about our community. If you’re interested in joining CoHaus as a member or if you believe in our mission, then this is the time to jump on board.

we need your input

A Quick Survey

Are you interested in becoming a member? Don’t see membership in your future but like the idea? We want to hear from you! Take our one minute survey and tell us what you need most in a workspace.


Coworking lounge


The events and programs put on by CoHaus will help keep members ahead of the curve in business, as well as connected with themselves so they can grow personally and professionally.

What is coworking anyway and what’s the big deal?

Coworking, per se, is changing the work experience. At its core, coworking occurs when entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses, large and small, collide in a shared working environment and are greater than the sum of their parts. It’s an important piece of the puzzle in order for our economy to be able to accept, embrace, and endure. And let’s be real, Grand Rapids needs it.

Grow your client roster without leaving the office.

Client acquisition starts here. You’ll share the space with other businesses and startups looking to grow. Coworking is the new networking. It cultivates meaningful connections in a way that’s tough to do from your own private or home office and is much less expensive than paying to attend structured events.

Who’s it for and what could it do for me?

A membership at CoHaus is like going to a party where everyone you meet is inspiring and has that interesting story about what they’re up to. Connections made within CoHaus expand members’ networks, lead to new business opportunities, and foster new friendships. The events and programs put on by coHaus will help keep members ahead of the curve in business, as well as connected with themselves so they can grow personally and professionally. This also entails recruitment and succession plans.

How is a coworking space different than traditional office space?

Coworking allows productivity in intangible ways. Flexibility, collaboration, and community are just a couple of the buzzwords that set it apart. It’s affordable, and flexible. Free yourself from the long-term lease that eats up your cash flow. Month-to-month plans allow you to keep your overhead low and invest more in your business. You only pay for the time and number of memberships you need, so it scales as your business scales. From one open desk space for yourself to 24/7 access for you and your team, it fits your needs now and it’s easy to change anytime.  Minimize the hassle and maximize your output. Don’t worry about who’s ordering more coffee or setting up the internet. All of that is included in your monthly rent, so you can focus your time and energy on what matters to your business.

What kind of event and programming will you offer?

From workshops to lunch & learns, our events are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and deliver actionable ideas to grow your business. We will host monthly member coffee and happy hours so you can get to know other members and grow your network. As strong believers  in collaboration, we’ll offer programming that connects you with the amazing resources in the area to inspire creativity and advance your business goals. We’ll also bring in people and ideas from larger metro areas so you can keep your pulse on what’s happening beyond the region.


what we offer

There's no place like home, except for when it comes to getting work done.


Monthly Memberships

Discounted membership presale starts soon, be the
first to know.

$200 / MONTH

Unlimited days   /  24/7 Access   /  10 meeting room hours  /  + Core Membership


$150 / MONTH

12 weekdays per month  / Daytime Access  / 6 meeting room hours  / + Core Membership


$90 / MONTH

6 weekdays per month  / Daytime access  /  3 meeting room hours  /  + Core Membership


$25 / MONTH

1 weekday per month  /  Add days for $20 each /  Event discounts  /  Access to network and member events

By the Day

Visitors, teams, gatherings, and meetings – we have you covered.




Member $25/hr, Non-Member $60/hr


Please inquire


Please inquire


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